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RD Corporation story began with a pawnshop business in General Santos City in year 1976 by founder and CEO Rodrigo E. Rivera Sr. and his wife Dolores, ...
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History of RD

RD Corporation story began with a pawnshop in General Santos City in year 1976 by founder and CEO Rodrigo E. Rivera S. and his wife Dolores, 23 years later it became a holding company by year 1999. Today RD Corporation has rapidly expanded to 43 subsidiaries and 12 affiliates. Since then it has become one of the fastest growing conglomerates in the country along with its subsidiaries. These includes RD Realty Development Corporation which was established and registered far earlier, dated back June 24 1985 and today operates a growing inventory of 45,000 leasable building spaces across the country and oversees. Since then it grew by having Richmond Builders Ltd. operating in Madang Papua New Guinea and Richmond Land Innovations, Inc. developing La Cassandra Subdivision and La Cassandra Residences, Norfolk Pine, RD City, RD Mall and soon to rise RD Homes.

Why RD City

The RD City is a 104 hectares commercial-industrial estates located in the boundaries of Polomolok and General Santos City. At RD City, a potential investor can gain speedy foothold of the huge domestic market of the Philippine and quick access to abundant human and natural resources needed for their production and operations. Most locators in this special economic zone can avail fiscal incentives from the government, which their business and trade laws is treated special above the rest.

RD City is master planned by urban planner Architect Felino A. Palafox Jr., he designed RD City to accommodate 65 hectares of mixed development of different companies which is envisioned to be the key of the 2 Cities future commercial business district of the South. The area is characterized by a concentration of mixed industrial-commercial use and other services for both cities that aims to include trade balance, employment, increased investment, job inception and effective administration.


The RD City is within the boundaries of General Santos City & Polomolok, both are situated down south surrounded by the hills of Sarangani Province where the shape of the shore line area is a horse shoe like that protects the area and seated at 300 meters above sea level facing the Pacific Ocean and Celebes Sea. The name General Santos City was named after General Paulino Santos, a former commanding General of Philippine Army during the settlement period of Commonwealth dated February 27, 1939 and was inaugurated September 5, 1968, the location was formerly named as “DADIANGAS”, while Polomolok was derived from the B’laan term “FLOMLOK” whish means hunting grounds. In the early years, the place where the Poblacion is presently situated was known for its abundance of wild life and was officially opened for settlement by November 2, 1940.

General Santos City & Polomolok are generally flat dotted with some surrounding hills and mountain creeks with free flowing water coming from the surrounding hills of Sarangani Province. Those cool and clear flowing waters encouraged foreigners to settle in both places. One of them was Japanese trader Zenjiro Takahashi and his B’laan wife. He began clearing the are of Polomolok and plnated agricultural crops. After the settlement of the Government this was followed by a breakthrough, when the largest pineapple company in the World came, “Dole Foods Company, Inc.”. They inaugurated on December 7, 1963 under the name of Dole Philippines, Inc. An American agricultural multinational corporation, with headquarter address in Westlake Village California USA and later the operation was transferred to a Japanese Trading Giant Itochu Corp., last April 8 2013 and until this day Dole Philippines, have been operating abundantly and serenely for almost half a Century.

Local Economic Development

internal revenue

Gensan Internal Revenue Allotment Dependency IRA @ 63%; Owned Source 37%

total revenue

Total Revenue:
Gensan Php 2.1 billion
Polomolok Php 414 million


Registered Business Gensan 10,655 and Polomolok n/a


Competitiveness Ranking (Highly Urbanized Cities) 14th Place

Urban - Rural Connectivity


Distance from Seaport terminal 8.41 kms. approximately 10 minutes


Distance from Tambler International Airport 13.82 kms., travel time 20 minutes approximately


Road network: 700km/Hi-way access: Asian Hi-way Network & Gensan-Davao Diversion


Energized household 92%


Establishment with Internet Access 92%

Modes of Transportation


Tri-cycle as primary, followed by shuttle van, then Bus, lastly via Jeepney and Taxi

Social Inclusion


Median Age
24 yrs old


Male Ratio


Female Ratio


Health Worker to Population ratio 1:378


Literacy Rate


Poverty Incidence

Agricultural Production


Crops 41%


Fisheries 6%


Livestock 28%


Poultry 25%

Both have stable power supply from SOCOTECO II (Electric Cooperative)
Sufficient water system access rate to population @ 90%
Household with access to sanitary toilets 86%
Annual population growth rate @ 2.50% from year 1990 to year 2000 sourceĀ  Census PH
24/7 on-line and off-line security access
Primary urban center of both area: (Agro-processing, Manufacturing/Industrial, Suburban Residential Development)

Major Products of General Santos City & Polomolok

Tuna, Corn, Coconut, Copra, Potato, Okra, Pineapple, Asparagus, Banana, Cacao, Calamansi


Industrial is categorized under higher voltage user, capacity is ranging from 328 to 340 kilowatt.


Water rates are based on September 2, 2003 board of directors resolution under General Santos City water District’s resolution no. 34 under 5 categories (see table of rates below for details)


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